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Fundraising for Schools: Give 10% of sales back to the school of your choice

With increased pressure on school finances, and the cutting of some essential school programs (like music, after school programs, and arts), schools are looking for ways to get funds to support essential children's development activities. Zenoobi is happy to support your school PTA in being able to fund these essential activities. Wether your goal is to raise $1,000 or $10,000 for your school partnering with Zenoobi can help. (Contact us at to learn more)

Our typical model works with 10% of all sales from the purchases from contributed to your school. We can also develop a customized fundraising model as well should you have a need to do so.

Additionally, as parents, you will get free shipping! on everything which can be shipped directly to your school for pickup.

At Zenoobi we are committed to selecting highly effective eco-friendly products at an affordable cost so more people like you can make the right choice. By selecting our inspiring eco-friendly products you make a commitment to:

  1. Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other toxins in your products
  2. Reduce or eliminate pollution of the environment with these toxins
  3. Support many of our products which are MADE IN USA and with fair working conditions
  4. Support Mompreneurs making a difference to the environment by choosing social entrepreneurship
  5. Reduce school trash with re-usable lunch packs and other containers/accessories
  6. Use products that are not only safer but also your kids will love!

Our 1000+ products include:

-      Organic clothing and bedding for babies and kids

-       Eco-friendly furniture for kids and nursery

      Inspiring Kids room decor

-      Amazing, inspiring learning and heirloom toys

-       Eco-friendly and safe kids bath and body products

-       Eco-friendly, safer lunch time & essentials like Lunch boxes, bags, accessories, oral care etc.

-       Eco-friendly Household products like cleaners and wipes

-       Nutritional Supplements for kids and expecting mothers

and many more! and we are constantly adding new products 

It is very easy to participate, just order online at  and use your school coupon code which will be provided to you for your school. As part of this program, you will also get FREE SHIPPING. Just pick up your order at your school based on a box drop schedule we will develop with you!

Contact us at to learn more and one of our representatives will contact you!