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Dolphin Organics

Although Dolphin Organics' founders had switched to an organic diet in the late 90s, the husband and wife lost a close family to cancer in 2010. In the aftermath of the heart-wrenching event, the pair began to take stock of their lives, looking for other ways that toxins might be invading both their bodies and their children's.

As they researched the skin and hair care products that they used on a daily basis, they were dismayed to find out just how many chemicals and toxins were in their formulas. In the hopes of protecting their own family and helping other moms and dads protect theirs, they decided to start an organic line of bath products for babies, and the Dolphin Organics brand was born.

Dolphin Organics skin and hair care products are certified by Quality Assurance International and are free of toxins and synthetic preservatives. The formulas are sold in eco-friendly packaging, and a portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to charities that help families with terminally ill children.

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