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Aden and Anais Natural, organic swaddles. When Raegan Moya-Jones moved from Australia to the U.S., she brought with her a secret to baby care that she was surprised to learn American mothers had yet to discover. For generations, mothers in Australia used soft cotton to swaddle their babies to keep them comfortable in all seasons and safe and secure wherever they went. In the U.S., Raegan couldn't seem to find the right type of blankets to swaddle her own children, and so she decided she would simply make her own.

Her swaddling blankets proved successful; each of her babies slept through the night by the time they were 12 weeks old. Anxious to help American mothers discover the benefits of swaddling, Raegan began to sell her organic cotton swaddling blankets, and the Aden + Anais collection was born. The natural nursery bedding range now includes organic cotton crib sheets that keep babies comfortable and fit tightly onto mattresses to ensure safety.

Discover the benefits of swaddling and dress your crib in soft, natural cotton by bringing home Aden + Anais natural infant bedding.

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