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The founders of Lunchskins went through quite a journey to develop a better way to carry lunches to school and work. Motivated by a radio report that exposed the facts about how much waste is produced in cafeterias across America each and every day, three mothers set out to create an alternative to ordinary lunch bags.

They knew that the most important part of their green lunch bags would be the material from which they were made, so they searched high and low for the right thing. In the end, they selected a food-safe fabric used in patisseries in Europe to serve as the base for their reusable cloth sandwich bags.

Zenoobi carries a selection of Lunchskins multipacks that give you a sandwich bag and a pair of snack bags, so that you can pack your kids' lunches or your own without having to use a single plastic baggie. The bags seal with Velcro to make them durable and leakproof and come in an array of modern patterns.

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