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BObles or as some call it Bobles selection of amazing fun furniture for kids. 

Architect Bolette Blædel has always had a love for design, particularly when it comes to furniture. Believing that grownup chairs were fine for adults but that kids deserve furniture that is as fun as it is functional, Bolette decided to create her own line of furniture that could double as toys. Her company Bobles has created safe, imaginative toys and furnishings for children for more than 5 years, and her designs have acquired a cult-like following of parents whose kids can't get enough of Bobles!

Bobles toys are designed to inspire exploration and are great for tumbling. Although they can double as chairs and cushions, Bobles are meant for movement and can be used to create elaborate obstacles courses in the playroom. Designed for safety, Bobles are made from fine quality foam and are soft enough to prevent injuries and protect hard flooring surfaces. All of the items in the Bobles collection are meant to coordinate with one another, but are also fun for kids when purchased separately.

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